Batteries at $200/kWh

I have always loved the notion of all things powered by batteries.

This love dates back to about 2004 when a buddy and I decided that we would take a pick-up truck (called a ‘Ute’ in Australia or a ‘bakkie” in South Africa) and fill the load box with forklift batteries.

We knew we didn’t want to go through the pain of importing a low cost version of an electrical vehicle from China, back then. See the hoops you have to jump through to do that (needless to say you also need very deep pockets). Bureaucracy of importing a new car into Australia

So we decided to keep all aspects of the car ‘as-is’ and only change the motor out for an electrical motor plus ancillaries (retaining even the gearbox, differentials, etc, etc).

We had an electrical company donate a 90kW, 310Nm induction electrical motor and matching variable speed drive (VSD) and bought much of what else we needed to prove the EV concept.

I designed the whole control system using a Siemens PLC with imputs from a rheostat mounted to the accelerator footpeddle. It was all very elegant by its sheer simplicity. Needless to say, us two engineers ran out of money for this audacious project, at a time where Tesla was only pretty much starting out.

I like to tell myself that if the chips had fallen another way, my buddy and I would be the actual Tesla founders….who knows!

Actually, I also had an idea about something like Amazon back in 1997 which myself and another group of buddies called ‘Fantasia Digital Mall’. As you can see there is no shortage of original ideas with me. I needed to do a MAP and an MBA before I realised I needed to raise Series A funding to get them going…

Anyway, lost opportunities aside, batteries now cost US$200/kWh as seen by the following article:

1.2GWh Battery replacing gas peaker plants

There is no limit on sizes that can me achieved and the power densities (watts/kg) are also up significantly, maybe it is time to dust off my designs from 2004 for a Tesla beating EV 😀

Ok so fast forward to last year, lets me see how I have faired with crowdfunding some other ventures to get on the path to my Series A investment 🤣

Saving the pocket with homemade gym proteins

You judge for yourself…

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