Rich Day, Poor Day and money can’t buy you common sense

Today I heard an awful screeching of tyres near my fence. I immediately jumped onto my AI CCTV footage and caught this hoon (a colloquial term for a road hooligan)…one day he is going to overcook it and come through my pool fence. I just hope and pray that nobody will be home swimming when he does. Point is, it is a very expensive car driven by somebody with very little common sense, see a screenshot from the video here:

A “Hoon” (a hooligan) doing “donuts” in a busy intersection – genius!

Notice the spin tracks after one revolution by this hoon caught on video.

As usual this got me thinking, this time about Robert Kyosaki’s book and the lesson in that book, which is that – rich people aren’t necessarily the brightest in society.

Take this fellow in the photo below he told me that he does “concreting” for a living, which requires a 6 month certificate to enable a person to do that in Australia. I consider myself a reasonably educated person, I am an Engineer with 2 master’s degrees and a Ph.D but I am not rich in the financial sense (a bit like Robert Kyosaki’s one father in his celebrated book entitled, Rich Dad, Poor Dad). This tradesman is clearly doing well and ‘good on him‘ for that (no ill feeling from me – only respect for what he has accomplished in one area of life). However, the point is, never assume that somebody driving a brand new Ferrari is a brain surgeon or a high-powered invest banker, etc. Wealth thus has very little to do with ones intelligence or common sense. A good lesson to bear in mind.

‘Tradies’ (tradesmen) do very well in Australia

The most complex machine on earth, can you guess what it is?

A little bit of trivia for you…

Let’s see you might have guessed on of the following:

* Facebook’s artificial intelligence algorithm that feeds off people’s desires only to serve them a stronger dose of what they want. Watch The Social Dilemma Doco on Netflix to understand what I am referring to.

The Social Dilemma

* Space flight, the popularised “Rocket Science” which attribute those that practise this as geniuses.

* Robots performing brain implants, see Elon Musk’s brain implants device to fix medical conditions here:

Elon Musk’s brain-chip implant

Actually you would be completely mistaken it is actually the power network! You didn’t think of that as a first guess right? Well it is, based on the mathematical models that describe it and the very complex interactions of everything that connects to it.

Just a small portion of the mathematics that describes the functioning of the power system