3-in-1 automatic, household sweeping robot – scammers list

These sellers claim things about the product which simply aren’t true. It is just a child’s toy and only worth about $5, nothing more. I have bought and tested them.

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Our charter

The list of scammers thus far:









To compare the above prices of between $25 to $45 to the quality products from your local Bunnings/Home Depot is the first sign that all is not well with what these scammers are offering:

What these devices should cost from a wholesale seller

The Charter

This institutes charter is about providing a service to the general public around electronic product claims and whether these are distorting the truth or not. We simply buy goods, test them and then express our opinions (based on our experience) of whether they are either worse then their claims, match their stated claims or exceed these. These reviews provides a level of protection to the consumer. We reserve the right to only review technologies that are of interest to us as we have a limited membership and thus limited resources to review products. We are however orientated towards rooting our unethical electronic product ‘dropshippers’.